Cedarfield 1 Homeowners Association

Think of Cedarfield 1 Homeowners Association as a municipality. No one individual in our little ‘town’ is any more important than their neighbor. All residents have opportunities to provide equal input in the operation of the neighborhood through the committees or by being elected to the Board. In the coming years, Cedarfield 1 will come under increasing pressure from newer developments to improve and maintain what it has. Only through teamwork, pride in our community, and responsible enforcement of the covenants and restrictions can we protect our property values. The board encourages all residents who enjoy living here to exercise their right to become involved in the Association and make a difference.

HOA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is a panel of up to five persons, popularly elected at the annual meeting of the Cedarfield 1 Homeowners Association. Members of the Board may not act of their own accord. All procedures and responsibilities of the Association are defined and mandated by the documents which establish the ‘constitution’ of the neighborhood. It is the obligation of the Board of Directors to carry out these responsibilities in a responsible, fair, and equitable manner. All procedures of the Board of Directors, in the following paragraph, are required by the governing covenants, which can neither be overlooked nor changed by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors meets once a month and otherwise, as needed, to conduct the business of the Association. It instructs the management company, authorizes expenditures, administers the budget, enforces the covenants and restrictions, and when necessary, takes legal action as prescribed by the Association Charter to either enforce covenants and restrictions or to collect annual assessments. The Board also performs public services such as notifying residents of hazards which may exist on their property. The Board is continually watchful for ways to maintain or improve the community for the benefit of all members.

Role Name Email
President Brian Summers president@cedarfieldplantation.com
Vice President Pat Beare vp@cedarfieldplantation.com
Treasurer Julie Taylor treasurer@cedarfieldplantation.com
Secretary Open secretary@cedarfieldplantation.com
Member-at-Large Margaret Doherty mal@cedarfieldplantation.com
Property Manager Cedar Management Group support@mycmg.com
(704) 604-8808

HOA Committees

Committee involvement is essential for the success of the Homeowners Association and we urge all residents to become involved and help keep Cedarfield an appealing place to live. Committees are, in fact, the crucial infrastructure of Cedarfield 1. Committees plan activities, perform architectural control, prepare written materials, such as the newsletter and directory, oversee recreational facilities, and activities, as well as, providing guidance to the Board of Directors.

  • Architectural Control

  • Landscaping

  • Pool

  • Social

  • Technology

  • Welcoming